Use of Rental Car

1. Payment

Please pay at the pick-up location on the scheduled use date.

Credit Cards
Major credit cards are accepted. If you are using our company for the first time, we ask you to make the payment by credit card, in principle.
Japanese yen. We ask customers who use our company for the first time to provide either of the following.
If neither can be provided, we will be unable to provide a car.
A. Credit card validity dates
B. Passport
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2. Items necessary at the time of collection

① Driver's license
International Driving Permit (or driver’s license of your country if your country/region falls under a relevant country/region and its official Japanese translation)
② Passport
If you show an International Driving Permit or foreign driver's license. If you pay by cash.
③ Credit card / Cash

3. How to Calculate the Rate

①Hourly Rates+②Insurance coverage extras+③Options

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Please return the car by filling the fuel tank fully.
If the car is not returned with a full tank, we will calculate the refueling fee according to the actual distance traveled.

Insurance and security service

1. Insurance and accident compensation

Cars are covered by the following compensation.

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For personal damage
For property damage
Unlimited (deductible: ¥50,000)
Vehicle damage
Unlimited (deductible: ¥100,000)
Personal bodily damage
¥30,000,000 (per person)

2. Insurance coverage extras

All vehicles are covered by major insurance for unlimited personal and property damage compensation. In the event of an accident, however, you must pay up to about ¥250,000 even if the vehicle is covered by the insurance. If you subscribe to the waiver disclaimer system in advance, your burden will be reduced to zero yen at the maximum.

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  1. Exemption of property damage ¥50,000
  2. Exemption of vehicle damage ¥50,000 - ¥100,000
  3. NOC (Non Operation Charge)
    ¥20,000 - ¥100,000

3. Free roadside support services

If you purchase the Safety Pack beforehand, you can receive free roadside support services. 24-hour assistance is available for such problems as running out of gasoline, stranded vehicle or locking yourself out.


1. Basic options

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Multilingual Car Navigation Systems

Car navigation system has been installed in all vehicles without charge. Guidance in English, Chinese and Korean languages.

Child Seat
(regardless of usage time)
Junior Seat
(regardless of usage time)
Winter Tires
¥1,650 / 24 hours
Minivan ¥2,200 / 24h
(No additional charges on the 10 day and thereafter)

Recommended for winter. These tires improve the driving and braking performance on snowy road surfaces and icy road surfaces. These tires cannot be fitted to camping cars.

2. ETC Cards

What is ETC?

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) is a system which allows cars to pass through toll gates without stopping when using toll roads.

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You can use ETC on major toll roads in the Setouchi area. Since an ETC device is installed in all of our cars, you can use the system by renting an ETC card only.

ETC Cards
¥1,100 (regardless of usage time)

An ETC card is recommended if you use toll roads. Toll charges are settled when you return the car.

  • Unless you ask to rent an ETC card in advance or if all available cards are in use, it may not be possible to prepare a card for you.
  • Your agreement to the Terms of ETC Card Rental is required.

3. One-Way Rentals

You can return the car at a location other than the pick-up location. No drop-off charge is required if you return the car to a location within the same prefecture in which you collected the car.

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Okayama Kagawa
Okayama Ehime
Kagawa Ehime

Modification of Reservations, Terms of Use

1. Modification

Please complete the procedures on the following page not later than 24hours before collection.

2. Cancellation

Please complete the procedures on the following page. You must pay the cancellation charge at least 14 days before the date of use. Please bear transfer charges.

Cancellation charge (except camping cars)

Up to 7 days before the date of use
No cancellation charge
From 3 days to 6 days before the scheduled date
20% of basic usage rate
From 1 day to 2 days before the scheduled date
30% of basic usage rate
On the scheduled pick-up day (or if the visit time passes)
50% of basic usage rate

Please check the following in the case of cancellation of a camping car.

3. Terms of Use

Your agreement to the following Terms is required when using a rental car.