Camping car Guide


1. How many people can ride in the car?
Please check the riding capacity and sleeping capacity described in the Introduction of Car Type. You cannot drive in excess of the riding capacity.
2. Is smoking in the car or driving with a pet allowed?
We are sorry, but smoking in the car or driving with a pet is not allowed. We ask for your understanding that our rental cars are used by various customers.

Stay overnight in the car

1. Where can I park the car?
Please make sure to park the car in a safe place that will not disturb other people. Many users park the car on a mobile camp ground, beach and parking lot of a park, etc. Please comply with use times and rules of each place. Michi no Eki (roadside stations), service areas of expressways may also be used. In this case, please be respectful by gaining permission from the facility manager beforehand and giving consideration to your environment.
2. Does the car have a toilet?
No. Please park the car in a place where a nearby toilet can be used, such as a mobile camp ground.
3. Is it possible to use the car in the midst of winter or summer?
You can use the car throughout the year. But please bear in mind that at night the effective temperature is almost the same as when sleeping in a tent.


1. What license is required?
A person who has a license to drive a regular car in Japan can drive the camping car.
2. Is driving difficult?
The size of Mush/Cordebunks are a little under 5 m in total length and 2 m wide, which is almost the same as a Japanese minivan. However, the height is a little under 3 m. So please pay full attention to height limitations and wind from the side. When reversing, you can check the rear view on a monitor installed beside the driver’s seat.
3. Are instructions given on how to use the equipment?
We will explain basic operations, such as how to expand the roof, before handing over the car. Since explanation takes up to 60 minutes, please arrive at the location one hour before collection (no earlier than 9:00 am).


1. Is the car covered by insurance?
The car is covered by major insurance of unlimited personal and property damage compensation. Also, the individual burden in the case of an accident is zero yen because the Safety Pack is included with the camping car.
2. What should I do if there are problems with the vehicle?
In the event of a stranded vehicle, running out of fuel, etc., free roadside assistance is available.