Terms of ETC Card Rental


1. The customer is required to manage the ETC card during the period of loan at his or her own responsibility. The customer will also be billed for toll charges arising from use of the ETC card by third parties during the period of loan.

2. Please be advised that, toll charges will be as registered in the ETC card IC chip (i.e. Charges displayed on the toll charge display at the toll booth). Adjustments to toll charges arising, for example, from diversion to different routes due road closures fall outside the scope of use of this ETC card.

3. In the event of loss or theft of the ETC card, please inform the office of departure without delay. (Unless such incidents are due to deliberate acts or gross negligence on the part of the customer, the customer will not be billed for toll charges generated from the day following the day of loss or theft.)

4. In the event of lost, theft, damage or deformation of ETC card, a penalty charge of JPY10,000 shall be collected.

5. The customer may be contacted if an enquiry is received from the toll road operator regarding the driver using the ETC card (including after the end of the rental period). In addition, please be advised that the customer’s personal information including his or her name, address and contact details may be disclosed if so requested by the toll road operator.

6. Please be advised that, if the rented vehicle is not returned when the rental period elapses, the toll road operator will be notified that the ETC card on loan to the customer concerned during the period of rental has been invalidated.

7. Heisei Car Rentals accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the resolution of any disputes arising from use of the ETC system or compensation for consequent damages. In such cases, please contact the toll road operator directly.

The loan of ETC cards is preconditioned on the customer’s agreement to the above important notes.