Recommended sightseeing spots in Kagawa

Kagawa, famous for udon noodles.
Providing delicious and inexpensive dishes, each shop is different and has distinguishing aspects. Be sure to visit various shops and try sanuki udon. There are numerous famous sightseeing spots that are popular among travelers from overseas, including temples and gardens that provide visitors with pleasant views only possible in Japan.
I am from China and will introduce my recommended sightseeing spots.

The information on this website is as of when it was last edited, July 2017.
There may be changes to various items including when facilities are open and fees. Check the latest information from any of various sources such as the facilities’ website before visiting the facility. All prices include tax.

栗林公園Ritsurin Garden

This is a massive Japanese garden located in the city of Takamatsu.
The Michelin Travel Guide awarded it three stars, the top number of stars, as a place one should take the trouble to visit. Whether one visits in spring, summer, fall, or winter, one can feel the beautiful season.
Entrance fee adults: ¥410; children: ¥170

The garden boasts an area of 750,000 m2.

It is a relaxing, quiet space.

Visitors can also do sightseeing from boats that ply the pond (reservations can be made at the entrance).


There are over 600 udon shops in Kagawa.
Each shop is unique in terms of flavor, or course, but also shop exterior, location, etc. There are numerous udon shops that I could recommended, but I will discuss three here.

At Udon Honjin Yamadaya, customers can enjoy a slightly luxurious feel, eating udon while viewing the garden.
MAPCODE 60-645-898
3189 Mure, Takamatsu-shi

This is the famous kama-bukkake. Enjoy piping-hot udon straight from the pot.

There is also Yamagoe Udon. Among the various udon shops, this is the one that is said to draw the largest number of customers in Japan.
MAPCODE 228-786-622
602-2 Hayukakami, Ayagawa-cho

This shop is said to have been the first one in Japan to offer kamatama, piping-hot udon with egg.
Kamatama (small) ¥250

Miyatake Udon is a famous udon shop that gave birth to the style of eating various combinations of hot and cold udon noodles and dashi (broth).
MAPCODE 60-420-783
340-1 Enza-cho, Takamatsu-shi

This delicious udon uses chewy noodles with a fish-based dashi (broth).

金刀比羅宮Kotohira-gu Shrine

This beloved Shinto shrine is also called Konpira-san.
It is famous for visitors climbing the numerous stone steps. There are 785 stone steps to the main shrine and 1,368 to the inner shrine. Many visitors take a break at the main shrine 785 steps up, enjoy the view from the mountain and then head back down.
Visitors with confidence in their physical strength should be sure to take on the challenge of climbing all 1,368 steps.

These are the types of stone steps you will climb.

After climbing 785 stone steps, visitors find the main shrine. Take a break and enjoy the view of the Sanuki Plain.

Near the main shrine, you can purchase omikuji (lots with fortunes written on them) and omamori (talismans).

中野うどん学校Nakano Udon School

  • Kotohira school
    MAPCODE 77-383-138
    796 Kotohira-cho, Nakata-gun
  • Takamatsu school
    MAPCODE 60-451-108
    8 Nariai-cho, Takamatsu-shi
  • (Japanese)

You can try your hand at making udon.
In these 40 min.-60 min. classes, instructors teach a wide range of skills including how to knead the dough, roll the dough with rolling pins, and cook and eat the noodles. After making the udon, there is the taste test. The taste of udon you made is particularly delicious. Be sure to try making udon to commemorate your visit to Kagawa.
Reservations required. ¥1,620/person

Put on an apron and start making udon.

You firmly step on the dough while dancing to the music.

Of course, the completed udon tastes the best.